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Address: 308 Watchung Avenue Bloomfield, NJ, 07003
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Phone: 917-881-1530
About Us
About Jess, a Chef, a Mom, a Community Member, and a Wife.
Also an Activist and a Businesswoman and a Daughter and a Sister.
Each week, I work with farmers and fisheries up and down the East Coast, searching for that week's best ingredients. Whether it's Wild Louisiana Gulf Shrimp or Maine Greenhouse Tomatoes, I arrange for the shipment of those spectacular items to my headquarters, where they are packaged in custom curated boxes for one of my 500 customers, or used as ingredients in cooked meals that I make from scratch daily and sells on my weekly menu.

My company goes way beyond organic; our food is grown on small, local, family farms that adhere to the highest standards of raising animals humanely, and ensuring that none of our ingredients are exposed to pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. Using local purveyors means that our turnover is practically immediate - the carrots you get in your Monday night delivery were most likely still in the dirt on Monday morning. Organic eggs are collected from hens daily.