East Coast Organics
Contact: David & Alexa
City: Pittstown, NJ,
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About Us
We are passionate about feeding our community while enhancing our local environment. The farm is run by David Meyre and Alexa Lower who launched ECO in 2017. With the desire for a more ethical and self-sufficient lifestyle, David and Alexa set out to farm their first season together in the spring of 2018.
We believe that the future of food security lies in bioregional micro farms that use a variety of techniques to preserve and rebuild local agriculture in a way that mimics nature. Here at ECO, we use no-till (conservation tillage) methods in an effort to conserve water, reduce soil erosion, and increase the amount and variety of life in the soil. We grow on permanent raised beds to build and maintain the soil structure. Our crop rotation system offers countless benefits such as disrupting the life cycle of pests and diseases, reduces the depletion of nutrients, and helps reduce weed pressure. These farming methods make the soil, and therefore crops, more resilient to disease and pest damage. We do not use herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides of any kind and use only organic fertilizers to help improve plant quality.

We grow a diversified mix of crops including broccoli, salad greens, peppers, herbs, and flower.