Blue Moon Farm, LLC
Contact: Jan and Mike Rogers
Address: 67 Hawks Schoolhouse Rd. Bloomsbury, NJ,
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About Us
Originally part of the “Hawk Farm” purchased by Joseph Hawk in 1819 for $3,420 (a tidy sum in those days), we acquired the property in 2004 and restored the two stone buildings in 2005-2006. The month of acquisition housed a blue moon, hence the farm’s name.

Today, one would describe our farm as a small family farm, situated on 17 acres providing just about everything a farm family could want: gardens, pastures, orchard, hay fields, woodlands, fresh water springs and outbuildings. We have worked hard since 2004 to bring the farm back to its natural beauty. It is a labor of love that we wish to share.

Vision: Providing our local community, and future generations, with organically grown produce, compassionately-raised animal products, and a love-driven farm sanctuary to visit and explore.

Mission: To act as a committed and loving steward of nature while supplying sustainable and nourishing food for our community.
We believe in treating the soil as though it's worth more than gold. We believe in harnessing the power of plants to heal ourselves and connect with the land and each other. We use all organic growing practices and are devoted to being stewards of nature.