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About Us
Patricia McCoy is the Creator & CEO of Jarred Fresh; LLC, a food company that aims to provide customers with a variety of healthy salsas, dips, and salads that never compromises flavor and freshness. Jarred Fresh products are designed to always cater to the individual customer’s needs and most importantly their palettes. The packaging of these products makes it versatile for each occasion; whether you need appetizers for a party or you’re simply grabbing a fork or spoon and enjoying it right out the jar.

Aside from pursuing her dream and launching a business, Patricia resides in New Jersey and is also a mother to 4 grown children and wife to an amazing husband. Her life has always revolved around food and from a young age she recognized what a passion she had for it.

Born to immigrant parents from Ecuador, she was raised with a strong sense of family and a deep appreciation for delectable, home cooked meals. More than just the passion for cooking, for Patricia it has always been a genuine expression of love. As a young mother, she took much pride in cooking all the same traditional meals she grew up enjoying for her own family, that is where the ultimate joy came from, seeing how much her family loved her cooking. Their love for her food is what really inspires Patricia’s creativity in the kitchen.

Patricia is a food enthusiast whose main goal is to create delightful dishes that incorporate healthier ingredients to traditional food. Her family and loyal customers are the drive behind her entrepreneurial spirit.