Brown Leaves Farm
Contact: Krati & Bhupendra
Address: 65 Somerset Terrace Bedminster, NJ,
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About Us
Brown Leaves farm is a family farm run by Krati Pachori, a former technology consultant-turned-farmer. Started in 2017, the farm is a small scale vegetable farm specializing in growing greens and other produce. As we continue to expand, we strive to be a small scale operation focused on growing few quality crops. that will not grow corn and grains (we leave it for large multi generational commercial farms). The farm is run by Krati with part-time help from her husband. Before starting the farm, Krati grew vegetables for her family and friends and also interned at a farm for a season. Krati has a masters degree in Information Management and has worked in technology consulting firms for six years.
At our small vegetable farm in Somerset County, New Jersey, we grow some exciting salad crops and seasonal vegetables for the local community. Our produce is fresh (guaranteed), packed with flavor and not touched by harmful chemicals. We say it is safe to eat for everyone in your family. At Brown Leaves farm, we strive to bring to you high quality, nutrition dense crops that are grown using sound agriculture practices. For the same old romaine, you can taste the difference in taste and texture when you serve our delicious greens at your dinner table. Even a finicky kid might start loving it.

Our farm sits on 5 acres of an old horse pasture with clayey soil. We farm only a small portion of the total land. As beginning farmers, we are small enough that we could use simple hand tools and machines to do our work. We understand that what goes into the soil, comes in the food, hence, we pay utmost importance to the soil amendments that we use on the land. In order for a crop to grow and flourish, it needs to have the right amount of nutrients and necessary soil conditions. We use amendments according to crop requirements, cover crops to fix soil and add organic matter, beneficial insects for pest control and flowers to attract those insects. These are just some of the practices that are part of a holistic approach to taking care of land. Soil and management practices are not the same for every farm and are ever evolving. Our land reflects our values and who we are. We are in no way ideal in our practices but we strive to improve the land and our operation to be sustainable as we grow.